Noox Stadsdieren Flapjesboek


In dit vrolijke stadsdieren flapjesboek ga je samen met dikke duif op bezoek bij de dieren in de stad.
Kun jij ze vinden? Kijk achter de flapjes en ontdek waar de dieren zich bevinden of wonen. Roekoe!

100% karton


About Noox

noox takes tiny grown-ups on an adventure in the city! the colourful and playful illustrations show the lively and wonderful places we visit or live in. noox consists of a jakarta, bali, kuala lumpur, bangkok and tokyo collection in which local urban scenes are combined with typical images such as public transport, street vendors, animals and colourful fruits. noox let kids experience city life and have fun while racing through the streets. they learn how to show their friends the way on a road map and to become aware of all crazy and funny things around us. noox designs for tiny grown-ups: for kids and also for grown-ups who still see the fun in every day life. aren’t we all tiny grown-ups after all?