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Xzota Bracelet Cuff moon Gold


The moon cuff. This nice cuff bracelet can be styled in all sorts of ways. The cuff bracelet is perfect for a chic occasion but can also be combined with other bracelets for a daily look.

  • Brass / Silverplated
  • Flexible so that everyone can fit them

Out of stock


Xzota is a quirky, Balinese jewelry brand that stands for passion & adventure. We love traveling so that during these trips unique materials are purchased and inspiration is gained for the new jewelery collections. All Xzota jewelery are made by hand in Bali, that’s what makes each jewelry unique. Thanks to the cooperation with the Balinese families, the culture is reflected in the designs, resulting in the distinctive character of the Xzota jewelry. Xzota works with high-quality, real materials such as gilded gold, 14k gold, 925 silver and brass.


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